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Sooner or Later, We will be looking back on everything...

Each day is a new day, live it while you can....

3 June
Alright I think Its about Time update this, cause Now I am 16, My birthday was June 3, and I have my Lisence now:-) The winter is almost here, I cant wait, snowboarding is so close. This winter I am going to work at sterling, and by rideing alot up at CReek and Windhum, Got to start and move up, challenge my self.Right now my favorite bands are Taking back sunday,fall out boy, bright eyes, yellowcard, the starting line, thursday techno and some more..music is life...Anyways..Hmm what eles is there to no..I like to eat skittles and sour chewy sweat tarts...water is amazing along with chicken salad> favorite food...favorite colors=blue green black....favorite movie= 2 fast 2 furious..favorite car= rsx type S in blue:-) with turbo...favorite things to do= snowboard, basketball, music, hangout w/ friends...favorite saying="let me tell you"or "maybe I should hate you for this"..something I hate=school, the work, friends I love...hm...and my favorite number is "8"..thats really it!